Desktop 2000 Dyno Chart

Article By: Stefan Hamminga from Netherlander?

Compression: 10.4:1

Crank Pulley: 5.5"

Supercharger Pulley: 3.125"

Boost: 7 psi

Supercharger Efficiency: 74%

Intercooler Efficiency: 40%

Redline: 6200 rpm

Displacement: 4.0 liter

Result: With the above variables, the 7 psi intercooler Vortech V2 SQ S-Trim will generate about 380 bhp


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This graph is also prepared by Stefan.  Here we can do a comparison of horse power and torque gain with the following mods:

1. The first line is just stock dyno for the 1UZFE and the results are pretty predictable.
    Horse Power: 260 bhp @6000 rpm
    Torque: 275 TQ @4000 rpm

2. The second line is stock motor with well designed tube headers.
    Horse Power: 300 bhp @6500 rpm
    Torque: 300 TQ @4000 rpm

3. The three line is stock motor with well designed tube headers with ported heads (stock cams)
    Horse Power: 350 bhp @6500 rpm
    Torque: 325 TQ @4000 rpm

4. The last line (most power generated) is with 2UZFE (4.7 Tundra Motor) bottom with ported 1UZFE heads and well designed headers.  Just like the above setup with more cubic.
    Horse Power: 375 bhp @6000 rpm
    Torque: 375 TQ @2500 rpm

Again, these numbers are based on Desktop Dyno 2003 program.  Actual numbers may vary, but it should be pretty close to the data given.  With 2UZFE bottom and 1UZFE heads can generate monstrous natural aspirated power.  Can you image the fourth combo with 8 psi forced induction?  I can not image.  It would be too crazy.  Or can you image the new Lexus-Toyota 5.4 liter with well ported heads with 8 psi?  Big block power at idle.