Lexus V8 in MKIII Supra

Here is an audio clip of a MKIII Supra with Lexus/Toyota V8 1UZFE.  This engine was reved up to 7K rpm.  Its short but awesome.  Peter Watson Supra N/A 1UZFE.  Refresh to hear it again.  Peter have a stock 1UZFE with an after market stand alone ECU and dynoed at 187.5 rwhp on this Supra with R154 5 speed transmission.  Can't wait until he put in a Supercharger.  I will scream and whine at the same time.

Here are the details of his conversion:
1991 MA70 GT Limited Supra (digital dash, leather interior)
1UZ-FE from a Crown
Headers and Sump from a Soarer
Computer is GM Delco tuned by Dick's Electronics
Mounts custom but using standard Soarer rubber
Gearbox is Supra Turbo R154 with OS Giken twin plate clutch and
racing flywheel
Belhousing is from DellowAutomotive but modified as they stuffed up
Diff is standard MA70 Surpra LSD & full IRS
Front brakes upgraded to slotted JZA70 supra disks with EBC pads
Remote oil filter & Davies Craig thermo fan (DC12)
Suspension is TEMS adjustable with HKS 5 way controller
Mags are Volk Racing with 235 tyres all round
Power output is 150rwkw.  20% up on standard soarer on same dyno