Lexus SC400 (92-95) Supercharger Kit

Wanted: First Gen SC400 for Prototype - Free labor

Please contact me ASAP

We are currently working on the first generation SC400.  This setup will be slightly more aggressive than the LS400.  Most likely we will be using Vortech V1 T-Trim rated at 825 bhp.  The T-Trim has a more aggressive impeller design to increase air flow.  The T-Trim has a step up 3.45:1 internal gear ratio vs. S-Trim has 3.60:1 supercharger internal gear ratio.  

VORTECH V-2 SQ (Super Quiet) SUPERCHARGER - This will be use in our kits.  Upgrade to T-Trim available, but its greater noise level and high drive power.
The new generation supercharger included in most Vortech street supercharging systems

The supercharger of choice for street/strip vehicles with modified engines

Here are some supercharger maps:



Since the T-Trim has higher cost, therefore, the expense will be pass on to the customers.  More info will be available soon, please stay tune and come back for updates.  However, here are modifications require for this supercharger kit.  This kit is NOT for everyone.  However, if you are interested, here are some required modifications.

1. Relocation Battery to the trunk (2 hours of labor)
2. Relocation of Fuse Box (3 hours)
3. Electric Fan conversion (2 hours)
4. Removal of the Fan Clutch Bracket to install longer studs (1 hour)
5. Removal of the Front Bumper Cover (30 minutes)
6. Cutting of the Firewall Passenger side (10 minutes)
7. Removing the windshield washer (10 minutes)
8. Tapping a 3/8" NPT into the oil pickup (30 minutes) with proper tools

Once again, this kit is not as easy as others, but this kit will be well worth it.

Please submit your interest in our supercharger kit.













If anyone interested in free installation of this kit, I will need your car for about 6-8 weeks.  The LS400 kit is about 90% similar to the SC400 kit.  However, I don't have a SC400 and therefore the production will be delay.  If you want to have free labor, please email me.  The sooner the better.  I am in Los Angeles California.

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