Toyota 4.7L Shortblock Swap for Lexus GS400, SC400 & LS400 (1990-2000)

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Is your aged and out dated engine needs a new life?  Why rebuild if you can get a fresh forged build shortblock with more cubic.  We are so proud to be the first to install a Toyota Tundra 4.7 Liter into our Lexus SC400.  Our shortblock is the first and had proven to work flawlessly.  We build these blocks for someone want to upgrade their car performance without trouble of forced induction like turbo, supercharger or NOS. 

However, our engines can be made for FI application also.  This is instant gain in horse power and massive lower end torque.  It’s perfect for daily street every driving.  We commend stock compression ratio for your application unless stated otherwise.  Our shortblock is especially engineered to mate perfectly to your car.  Some of you may ask why we offer only the shortblock instead having a complete Toyota Tundra 4.7L. 

The question I always ask our customers would be why?  We utilized 1uzfe heads because we don’t need to change anything else.  You can keep your stock harness, stock ECU, and everything will plug right in and will work like your stock Lexus. Using Tundra heads you are opening up a brand new can of worms and TRUST me, you don’t want that.  This shortblock is a plug and play not plug and pray. 

Remember we have debugged all the details already and what you get is plain trouble free enjoyment.  We try not to promise the world, but depending on your setup and other factors, you can expect to see 50-75 rwhp gain along with 65-85 rwtq from your current car.  If you are concern about the heavy iron block.  Rest assume that the complete shortblock is only 82 lbs heavier then your stock shortblock.  Here are some pictures of the Toyota 4.7L shortblock:

Forged Pistons and forged rods along with performance bearings.

Toyota 4.7L shortblock with forged internal on an engine stand.

Here is how it would looks like when u put other accessory parts

Here are two pictures of the custom engine mounts that we fabricate specifically for your vehicle.   They are solid and fits like a pair gloves.

Here are some pictures how it would looks like once installed.
The whole engine bay looks completely stock.

Here are some videos of my car
with 4.7 Liter:

First Start-up
(The engine started right up just like stock would)

Engine at idle
(Extremely quiet even with our Stage II cams)

Engine at
Revving 2-3K (The engine sounds stronger and loves to take
large breath)

Here is a video took off from a
dead stop with stock tires.

Here is my initial dyno with low
compression pistons along with stock exhaust system.
However, it does have Stage II Cams and few other none hp
contributory mods.

According to 1992 SC400: RWHP is about 180 (28% drivetrain lost)
Max. Output (SAE-NET) [email protected] rpm
Max. Torque (SAE-NET) [email protected] rpm

According to 2000 Tundra: RWHP is about 205
Max. Output [SAE-NET] 245 [email protected] rpm
Max. Torque [SAE-NET] 315 [email protected] rpm

According to 2001 GS430:
Max. Output (SAE-NET) [email protected] rpm
Max. Torque (SAE-NET) [email protected] rpm

According to 1995 SC470: RWHP is about 226 and 256 rwtq with 28% drive train lost.
Max. Output (SAE-NET) [email protected] rpm
Max. Torque (SAE-NET) [email protected] rpm

With high compression we can easily see additional 20-30 bhp and 35-40 tq.  What is impressive is not the horse power or the torque number.  What I am most impress about is the torque shoot straight up from 2.5K to 3K.  That is fun driving.  Remember we are the first and here is the proof that it works!  Anyone offering you similar package is just a copy of our hard work.  Buy from the originator not from the imitator.

We are offering the followings:
Stage I: Lextreme 4.7L Conversion 650-750 bhp (No core return required)

Bottom End:
· Clean & Check for cracks
· Machine & Hone Block
· Install Ross Custom Forged Pistons with custom compression ratio
· Lextreme Lightning Forged H Beam rods
 · Install High Performance crank bearing and Rod bearings
· Install New Performance Rings
· Install New Performance pins
· Install New Performance Rod bearings, thrust bearings and main bearings
· 1UZFE Rods with ARP Studs
· 1UZFE ARP Main Studs
· Balance and blueprint rotating assembly

$5,450 for Short Block
$375 for Engine Mounts and engine bolts Kit
$500 additional cost for VVTi (SC400, GS400 and LS400 from 1998 to 2000)


Stage II: Lextreme 4.7L Conversion 750-900 bhp
(No core return required)

Bottom End:
Clean & Check for cracks
Machine & Hone Block

Lextreme Lightning Forged H Beam rods

Install High Performance crank bearing and Rod bearings

ARP L19 Rod Bolts
ARP Main Studs/Bolts

Upgrade Pistons pins
Install Ross Forged Pistons with custom compression ratio
Install New Performance Rings
Install New Performance pins
Install New
Performance thrust bearings and main bearings
Balance and blueprint rotating assembly

$5,700 for Short Block

$375 for Engine Mounts and engine bolts Kit
$500 additional cost for VVTi (SC400, GS400 and LS400 from 1998
to 2000)



ARP Head Studs

Cometic Head Gaskets

VVTi (1998-2000  GS400 & LS400)


NOTEVVTi blocks are extremely hard to get so please contact us first.  Shipping is NOT included with above pricing.  5.2L available upon request.

Our short blocks are built by ASE certified machinists with over 25 years of experience and currently he is specialized in Lexus and Toyota V8 engines.  Please allow 12-16 weeks for delivery longer if during race season.  Please contact Cindy at Ever Concord for domestic and international shipping prices/details.  Tell her you are refer by David from

Do you have any questions? If so, please head over to the forums to get a quick answer or share your experience!

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