Lexus-Toyota V8 Turbo/Supercharger Oil System

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This article is to give detail instructions on how to obtain oil from and to for either supercharged or turbo system.  Oil is essential in both lubrication and cooling.  One of the best and easiest way to get oil from the uzfe (all the Lexus-Toyota V8 engines are the same) is via the oil pressure sensor.  The oil pressure sensor is located near the oil filter.

You can do this conversion without take the oil collector out.  However, for your information the oil collector is stablized by threee 12 mm nuts, but you also need to loose of of the AC compressor bolts in order to access the last bolt.

Please see pictures below.

The oil pressure sensor from below pictures is the small silver round shape.  Before anything, you need to unplug the oil pressure sensor wire use an open wrench to take it out.  Once the sensor is out, you will need 1/8″ npt to re-thread the housing.

Believe it or not, the sensor thread and pitch is almost the same as the 1/8″ npt.  However, you will need to thread it to 1/8″ npt.  On the other, you can force the 1/8″ npt into the oil housing, but I don’t recommend this procedure.  Please see pictures below.

The picture below is oil housing being thread by a 1/8″ npt and the pictures on the right are the parts you will need to make this to work.  You will need the following parts:

Quantity Parts
1 1/8″ npt male with 1/8″ npt male
1 1/8″ npt T female
1 1/8″ npt male to 4-AN male
1 90 degree 4-AN with swivel oil outlet

Here are the parts teflon tapes are applied.  Here is the procedure of installation.
1. Install the 1/8″ npt male to 1/8″ npt male
2. Install the 1/8″ npt female T
3. Install the oem oil pressure sensor on top
4. Install the 1/8″ npt to 4-AN last.

This how the whole system looks like.  This is a clean setup and works wonderfully.  From my personal experience a 90 degree for the oil outlet (to turbo or supercharger) is the best and most convenience.  For the LS400 picture below, the return oil of choice would be right under the crank pulley.  The hole should be drill between the crank pulley and the edge of the oil pickup.

For SC400 oil pan please see the Project SC470TT  For single turbo or supercharger, you can drill the oil pickup on one side and twin on both side.  Please refer to the link for more details. Have fun and enjoy the process.

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