quiet performance mufflers?

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ontario, Canada
alright guys
here it goes
i want performance but i cannot deal with loud exhaust systems
i will indeed sacrifice power for sound
my car is going to attract enough attention as is and i want sound to be the LAST thing that is checked on my car.
Please let me know if you know of anything 2.5 inch in size that will be fairly quiet.
help is greatly appreciated!
thanks for reading
i have a 40 series flowmaster muffler left over from when i took the car apart to put in the 1uz.. i was thinking of getting another.. but it may be too loud.. lemme know what you think
thanks for reading!


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Murrieta California
I have a dual 2.5'' JIC cat back that originally came with titanium canisters but after a spin-out I was forced to replace them with cheaper magnaflows. I like my magnaflows over the canisters becuse even tho the canisters gave dB levels any ws6 camaro owner would envy, the overall sound was much more mellow and classier after. Just perfect rumble for me... not obnoxious even at redline (this is with center cat deleted). Keep your center cat if you want the dB in check.

If your an N/A application I would recommend a 2.25'' system that mimics stock routing with mandrel bends. any larger on N/A will kill a lot of the throttle response under 3k, and for the most part trade HP for sound. If high compression or FI, 2.5'' would then overcome the low end loss by utilizing the engine's higher flow potential and would keep low end and increase top and mid range.

I had an sc400 previous with almost same setup and paid $300 for (2) 2.5'' mufflers and another $100 in hangers and tips, and for all the fab work + tubing it was around $750 total. mandrel will be higher