New V12 Daily Driver (Ferrari 550 Maranello)

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Guys, I picked up a GoPro Hero2 camera and am fumbling around trying to learn it. Here's a clip of the Ferrari, where I have an external mike mounted back on the trunk lid, to better pick up the exhaust note. Unfortunately it also picked up a lot of wind noise too, despite having a "dead cat" wind filter on the mike.

Justen, or anyone else have experience getting rid of wind noise? Suggestions & comments are welcome.
Thanks Andy, but look before you leap; if I could do it over again, I'd probably buy one of the Drift cameras.

The Hero2 "Motorsport Package" for $300 comes with a load of rubbish (IMO) that is nearly useless for shooting car videos. I had to purchase another $125 worth of stuff to get it mounted properly and use it. The additional outlay is annoying, but not realising what you need until you need it is the real inconvenience. And it still doesn't have an LCD screen or a remote control, both of which are standard with the Drift cameras. Once I did a couple of these videos, I realised how valuable these two pieces could be.

It's a real PITA to shoot a test video, then have to run into the house with the memory card to play it back to see if the camera angle and sound levels are OK; that or have to bring a laptop along in the car just to preview the video.
Yeah i alternate between love and hate with my GoPro and much prefer the Drift HD camera. The GoPro is good for external though as lower risk/cost and a bit more robust.

I drilled a hole in the housing near the mic to improve volume but use a small foam pad tucked in there to improve wind noise....kinda works :rolleyes: