New V12 Daily Driver (Ferrari 550 Maranello)

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David I did briefly think about a GS400 or something similar, but I found a 10 year old beater that was in pretty good shape and very low mileage. Here's a few pics of it:

The finish still shines pretty good:


Only 13,3xx miles for a 10 year old car:


Real clean interior:


Big trunk, and it even comes with a nice little toolkit, so I won’t have to carry around my $30 WalMart (Chinese) knucklebusting toolkit anymore:


Clean engine:


Since it's located pretty far from TX, I had it inspected by a specialist and it's in pretty good shape for the age, so I'm traveling there on Monday to close the deal; what do y’all think?
I think you're insane and will be buying yourself a whole world of pain? Ferrari's are for those that don't like to drive, OR have a shed full of mechanics to look after them ;)
...agree with Justen...why even buy a 10 year old car with only 13k miles ? might enter a horrible maintance scenario....looks like the oil is already laying under the car ;)....

Why not buy a nice 911 turbo with a decent warranty....?...easy to get some extra hp when needed...
Been there & done that already with a 911 about 25 years ago. A very efficient and reliable car, but it just didn't trip my trigger.

I've wanted an F-car since I first knew what they were back in the late 50's. It's not about status as I'm a pretty regular joe; it's about fulfilling a boyhood dream, and doing one of those items that's been on the proverbial bucket list for a looooonnng time.
Thanks everyone for your feedback, the positive as well as the negative. I've actually been on the search for this car for about a year now, and the one I found is in quite a bit better shape than being a "10 year old beater". That was a bit of tongue in cheek on my part, 'cause I figured I'd catch a load of flak from this crowd for buying it.

It's a 1999 Ferrari 550 Maranello, with 13,4xx well maintained miles by one owner. It has a 5.5 litre V12 that puts out 475 BHP @ 7000 RPM. It's heavy @ 3900+ lbs, but as a GT class car, it's designed to carry 2 passengers, in comfort, in a hurry ;)

Interestingly, most of the important specifications are VERY similar to the MKIV Supra, other than the stock power ratings which are quite a bit higher.

Over the last year I've been coming up to speed with Ferrari owners on the cost of ownership of these cars, and the 550 is not as costly to own as you might imagine, but only if maintenance is done on or ahead of schedule. Obviously a snapped timing belt is a pretty catastrophic problem with an equally catastrophic price tag. In getting to know this new crowd I've been pleasantly surprised at the level of technical expertise that many Ferrari owners show. Several guys even have mini-machine shops in their home garages, and know how to use them. One guy has been extensively modifying a vintage SOHC V12 to accept DOHC heads, and he does all the welding and machining himself. So they're not at all the stereotypical filthy rich snobs who don't even know how to check their oil.

Having said all the good things about the low cost of ownership, it's still a high maintenance exotic, not a Toyota, so I'm still starting an escrow fund for the 3 year, 30,000 mile major inspections, which can cost anywhere from $3500 to $7500, as they're pretty much a bumper to bumper inspection/service/replacement of wear items, including suspension & steering, as well as engine timing belts, etc.

Hopefully, as JBrady aptly put it, the projects I'm currently fooling with have prepared me for Ferrari ownership (lots of $$$ and lots of downtime).
She's a beaut, Cribb. Not bad for a DD Beater...:confused::D

FUnny, looks like many of us are looking around for a DD to buy lately. I've got my eye on a BMW 650 myself.

I guess a XUZ conversion is comeing up ?? Aha...

Mmm, maybe not this car. It already has the motor that I tried to remake my BMW V12 into. But that doesn't mean it won't be modded ;) After purchase it's going to a private shop for a month for a few tweaks.

She's a beaut, Cribb. Not bad for a DD Beater...:confused::D

FUnny, looks like many of us are looking around for a DD to buy lately. I've got my eye on a BMW 650 myself.


Good luck with the 650 Ryan; I think it would be a great car to own.
Awesome car, they say front engined v12 Ferrari's are the best. Did you mull over the 360 Modena as well? Identical acceleration and much less weight, but "look at me" styling.
I did look at the 360's briefly, but most of them were:

a) too expensive
b) too common (we must have 10-15 of them in my town)
c) styling is too "new" for me. I like the classic rounded look in cars.

I did come very close to grabbing a 355 which was the 360's predecessor. A very nice example was available at a good price, and it was the GTS style with removable sport roof, which I wanted, and it was in the color combo I wanted as well. But again, the F355 is just a thinly guised racecar under a pretty body, and at my age, I'm probably better off in a heavier GT with some comfort.

So the practical side won out and pulled me back to the Maranello. But the Maranello supposedly has a dual personality, and can turn into a real beast when opened up and allowed to show its stuff. We'll soon see as it's going to get some exhaust and suspension mods next month that should help uncork its potential ;)
How much shopping can you fit in the boot?

Looks like fun.

It''s allways good to achieve an ami you've had for years.

And I agree the more curvacious the Ferrari the more desirable. Look at the Dino (OK not a "real" Ferrari) or a 365-512BB. Both drop dead beautiful.
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Beautiful car John, picking this baby up must be much better than x-mas. So whats the fate of your beloved supra? Who will be there for its regular exercise? I would have a hard time tossing up which one to daily drive! Maybe name them weekday and weekend?
Just picked it up this afternoon, and all I can say is WOW!!!

I took it for a test drive and was bouncing off the rev limiter in 3rd & 4th before I realised it, because it accelerates so effortlessly; not at all like the Supra which definitely lets you know when it's at redline, and it doesn't like it at all.....

It has an aftermarket Mille Miglia exhaust on it, and the music it makes is already incredible, but the resonators are going to come off, and be replaced by an X-pipe, and it should sound even better soon.

I'm sorely tempted to take it as it is and drive it home this trip, but I know I'll enjoy it even more once the mods are done, so I just have to bide my time, and wait 'till December for it.......

It's sorta like being a kid and getting to see all your Christmas toys at Thanksgiving, but you can't have them yet.......:D
Wow thats awesome, congrats. My childhood dream is to own a ferrari someday. What about wheels, you dont see people put aftermarket wheels on ferrari's that often.