My NOS thread

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Tisk Tisk

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san marcos, texas
Just a few questions about nos I didn't see posted in other threads...

I have a very simple dry nitrous setup on my '92 sc400, 10lb bottle, single solenoid, single dry fogger nizzle, WOT switch, and a purge kit. Also 255HP fuel pump.

1. Because its a dry kit and im depending on the stock ecu to add fuel, should the fogger nozzle be placed in the intake before or after the MAF?

2. I remember reading somewhere that there was a trick to up the tranny line pressure to get it to shift faster, does anyone have any details on this or any kind of "shift kit"?

3. What spark plugs should i be running for higher shots of nos, i have seen it recomended to run colder range plugs and/or a smaller gap, does anyone have a part number for colder then stock plugs that will be good for nos and also when not running nos?

4. I currently have it set up and running with a jet for about 50hp but it doesnt really feel that impressive, could the ecu be sensing preignition and pulling timing? How can you tell if the computer has retarded the timing?

Any other input for tuning up a nitrous setup or other components that make it run better or safer would be appreciated!