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Hey guys, I'm in the market for an LS400 and I have 2 on my radar so far. I found a 1993 with 93k miles and and 1998 with 81k. Im going to go look at them this week to see what I like more, and I've decided that if I get the 93 I'll boost it. This car is going to be my daily and reliability is a main concern.

I like the sound of 300-350 whp. Is there a way to do this reliably? Am I better off with a supercharger or turbo?
350 at the treads is like 475 at the Flywheel.

You're asking for a lot.

Supercharging won't get you there without huge expense. Think intercooling, new pistons, possibly rods and stand alone ECU.

Turbo would get you there reliably and for much less money. Still need intercooling but no where near as much as supercharging. I think a turbo set up would be about 1/3 the cost of supercharging and give you better performance and probably last a lot longer.

I've built a supercharged 1UZ and you can spend more than a years salary building one and end up with reasonable horse power and horrible fuel economy.

If it were me I'd accept the stock performance and live with it. The LS isn't a sports car and I don't think it can ever be made into one.