MK3 Supra 1UZFE Swap Manual Transmission Options

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Hi all, new to this forum as to gather more information on the 1UZ swap for a MK3 Supra. The car currently has an auto trans, so I'd like to swap to manual when I'm building it out.

Does anyone know the dimensions from where the engine and trans mate to shifter position? I watched CartuneNZ's MK3 swap and he mentioned that the R154 was a little too long, I believed he changed the shifter mount or something to have it fit in the stock location.
Also, has anyone done a 1UZ/T56 in a MK3? I would ideally like to use the T56 or TKX to hold more power, just not sure if it would fit since the Grannas T56 kit is for JZ swaps only.

If anyone has some info or could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.