loss of power no throttle response after driving on highway for 30+ mins

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i have a 1988 toyota cressida with a 1995 1uz w58 swap. the issue i have is after a 30-1hr highway trip doing 60-70 mph consistently, the engine loses complete throttle response causing me to pull over to the side and coasting till it get around 40 and it seems to be fine unless i get above 60 mph. when it cools down its ok , and it drives great and rips . the only time i experience it is when i am taking a trip out of town for a car show or something and im consistently over 60 for more than 30mins

i am currently running a California emissions ecu from 95 , and from what i understand this 95 ecu had a software issue and there was a recall where there was a updated ecu to correct the drivability issues im going to attach the part numbers and bulletin info maybe someone can help on this situation


NO.: EG003-96




To improve driving smoothness at speeds above 40 miles per hour, the components have been changed.

the only codes that are stored are the rear 02s ( not hooked up) , egr (deleted) and trans solenoid codes ( it has a w58 swap)
before i hook up the scope, i have a digital gauge that is hooked to the obd2 port. im going to take a long trip and monitor the tps . I feel that this is the cause of the issue.? not sure but when it acts up . there is no throttle response at all
while vehicle is running the FPR never produces more than 150mv , the testing says the FPR should put out 9-14 v for 60 seconds then drop to 0-3 volts . So im guessing the fuel pump is bypassing the stage from light load to heavy load and its always running at heavy load??

Also i might add i am still running the factory cressida pump, circuit open relay ,and fuel pressure relay . the volume is the same as the lexus , and i have a factory 1uz fuel pressure regulator
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