"Coil on plug" coils for 1UZFE

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.
McMaster Carr sell them. Go to www.mcmaster.com and at the main search box enter product code: 93655A703

This is for an M4 male by M4 female standoff in stainless steel, 6mm long. 6mm is just a tad under 1/4".
Let us all know when you work it out.

Once we all decide what COP to use we can then work out which ECU to use to run it.

Most don't have 8 ignition drivers!
Im gonna be running the CBR units with in waste spark form using a 4channel CDI box being that (as Rod pointed out), I have a lack of ign. channels (only have 4 to use) and thus the reason for waste spark. I have run this type of setup in the past with good sucess...

I will keep everyone posted once I get it in the car and running. But I have good faith that it will work fine since I have ran this type of setup in the past without problem
Sorry for the Grave Dig, but I am in need of a new coil, (or a set) for my 2uz Landcruiser. Toyota part number is 9091902230. My Wife works at toyota, and the coil will still cost me over $100. Are there other coils that will fit, and work? Are there others that will work better, considering I am running 6psi, and soon to be 9psi?

Thanks for any info.
The Landcruiser or V8 Tundra coils are a "safe" choice, and are proven to work at 18-20 psi boost, plus their connectors are readily available through Toyota. For me, their only disadvantage is cost. There are a number of other coils that probably will work, too, and are a lot less money.

The coils for the Honda S2000 and some models of the Accord are the right length and will bolt right in, but the connectors aren't available for them. You'll have to hit the wrecking yards for them.

Other possibilities are the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Audi TT, etc. I have sets of these coils that I hope to try in the near future. Their lengths are OK, and they're 1/3 the price of the Denso coils, plus their connectors are readily available. Packaging may be an issue for these, however, as their holddowns don't match up well for the 1UZ.

If you want to go CDI, then the Honda CBR coils like CJSupra is running are the way to go and they're plentiful on eBay.
Why is everyone concerned with running waste spark CDI?? I recently sold the engine out of my skyline, which was a RB26/30, which has previously made 830rwhp thru a manual and revs to 9300rpm. This runs waste spark CDI coil packs autronic SMC/500R 4 channel CDI with no issues. There are few cars/engines on this site that will make a shade of that power.

I personally purchased the CBR coil packs off ebay in the states (altho 1 set took 3 months to get here snail mail) and can confirm they fit great. Will have to work out the plug tip thing. I will let you know how it goes in about 6 months when my engine is running, it will be a single GT42 1UZ, stock capacity with ross pistons, argo rods, cams, shimless buckets and custom intake. We are hoping for about 730hp flywheel on pump fuel and 900hp on C16. Time will tell I guess.

My primary concern would be using COP coils in wasted mode. They aren't designed for that and can/will overheat. As an (ex?)skyline owner you should be well aware of the problems with the OEM coils running in normal COP mode. COP = heat, COP = small "just big enough" coils, COP in wasted = excess heat in a small coil.

Not that it won't work, but it's less than ideal, especially when the coils are tuned for optimum charging on a once per cycle basis.

Now, running wasted coils in wasted mode is totally fine. No problem with that at all.

True about the over heating situation with non wasted spark coils running in wasted spark set up, but if your using a CDI setup, then the over heating problems are no longer there. No saturation / charge time with CDI so no time to build up heat...
Woops, must have missed that. I thought I'd followed this thread pretty well and didn't remember reading any posts about CDI except the last one.


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I'm well aware of the issues with STOCK coils on rb's, however my point had nothing to do with stock coils. A valid point you brought up is that my coils were waste spark coils, so let me put it another way. We have another RB25 car that makes 600 flywheel hp, and runs the splitfire replacement coils in the stock location. This car sees 30psi of boost and has been running for 2 years running an autronic ecu and 500r cdi unit in a waste spark arrangement with non waste spark coils.

I know this is a fairly old thread, but I just wanted to give an update on the topic. I have been running with the CBR 600 F4i coils in a waste spark setup with a MSD DIS4 CDI box since December of 08 with great success. Although I cant say how it will work in boosted applications, I have tried it with plugs gapped all the way to .060" in N/A form and get no ignition miss fires all the way 6500rpm, so I would suspect that it will be more then fine on boosted apps with a typical gap setting of .030" to .035"....

Hopefully in the near future, I will test my theory in a real boosted application..
Hi Guys

I am running some altezza cop and have come into a bit of strife. Looking into the pins on the top of cop in its normal position, pin 1 on the LHS and pin 4 on RHS

I have connected as follows.
Pin 1 +12V
Pin 4 Grd.

Coil over heated when ignition was switched to on. Large voltage drop at contactor outlet on feed relay.

Have tried pin 1 Grd and pin 4 +12V. Current flow low or zero. No voltage drop at relay contactor outlet. No heat build up.

Have tried pin 2 as trigger on bench. Applying +12V to pin 2 causes voltage drop between pin 4 and pin 1, and results in current flow. Removing trigger voltage returns voltage to 12V across pin 4 to 1.

Have connected to G4link Ecu with
pin1 Grd
pin2 Trigger
pin4 +12V

Have tried to test using the ignition test in Link program and nothing appears to happen.

Do I have this wired up correctly? Any suggestions on how I could test this? Any help would be appreciated.
Has anybody thought about the coil-on-plug from an ES300. I just picked 3 up from a local yard because who ever pulled parts couldn't fit their hands behinds that intake. The are fit perfectly in the bore, but there is no place to really secure them down with a 10mm, however I remember someone trying to. I will compare them with my 3uz cop's tomorrow just for fun.

I will sell them for $10 a piece, not including shipping.

PM me if your interested, I have no use, I pulled them because I knew they would work.
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hi all,

I have gone, sort off the same way that MrFuel has gone COPS.
Im using 1MZ cops which is the same as the altezza cop from my understanding.
these are connecting to a EMS8860 ecu, and have setup to do seq firing?

We had connected up as follow
pin1 Grd
pin2 Trigger
pin3 Grd
pin4 +12V

we tested the setup with just a battery first, wired up the cops an tested with spark plug attached, it works great.

With our harness we made up, pins 1&3 are connected to grounded, pin4 is feed with +12v from the fuses box, and pin2 is back to the ecu for pulse triggering, that is a total of 10 wires (1Gnd,1+12v,8Ecu).

In our tests we used +12v to trigger the cops, i did read somewhere that they can be triggered with +5v but i have not tested this yet, but will do.

MrFuel, You may need to check the way you have wired up your harness for the cops, and contact your ecu support line to see if they support this method with the model you are using?