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  • Hi there, hope you can help, i know you were doing a p100 with 1uzfe engine and there were pictures i had seen, i need some pictures to do with the front cross member and the engine mounts so i can see how you did it as trying to fit the same engine. i did see the pictures a while back is there any were i can find them or can you pm them, i would be so greatfull. thanks
    Yes that would be awesome if you could send them through. just to my email address would be fine. thanks heaps
    hey, im trying to design a flywheel and i noticed you have some good info on the dimensions to use. i was going to try and design it myself but i thought id try and get some info from someone who has had one thats worked. basically its to suit a 9.5 inch supra clutch. any drawings or cad files would be greatly appreciated. cheers
    hey what's up man thanks for the file for the flywheel but for some reason i cant get it to open is there any way you could send the basic flywheel info again i want to design a flywheel for t-56 trans to use stock camero clutches and gto or any chevy clutch with 26 spline input shaft to make it easier on people to find replacements i also want to make it have a replaceble friction surface like the findenza one i was just going to get there insert and design around it and the pressure plate.
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