Catastrophic Failure, 2uzfe. Rebuild questions

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.
Thanks for the feedback. Gloverman: I'll get the build sheets and post them for you. The engine was originally 9:1, but was built to 9.5:1, with forged internals.

I got some additional suggestions from Josh at Kelford this afternoon. His suggestion for cranking up the oil pressure without damaging the cams with a potentially slow or difficult start was to shut off the fuel, pull the spark plugs to allow a faster cranking rpm, pull the valve covers and bathe the cam lobes before and after cranking to make sure they're lubed. Then set the plugs and open the fuel feed and fire it up.

That sounds like good advice, since I seem to be a magnet for things not going as expected.

Planning to fire it up on Saturday. I'll find and post the build sheets when I get a chance.

Thanks again for the suggestions. I appreciate it.
I got the truck fired up today, and it sounded fine except for an exhaust leak. But I'm getting P0300 codes on one side of the motor--P0301, P0303, P0305, P0307. Is that likely to be something like a camshaft sensor, or something else that would effect one side of the motor?
Got it out on the first test run! You can see the alignment is askew and there's still tape on the grill before I finish painting it. Did a bunch of other updates and mods on the truck while waiting on the engine machining.

The motor is definitely strong. It still has the stock ECU, so it's running a bit rough when I'm not 100% on the pedal. But holy crap it's a beast. Still has the stock exhaust until I get it smogged. Looks like it will pass. The new requirements focus on original smog equipment inspection and codes. If you're not throwing codes and the stock equipment is present, you pass. No more tailpipe sniffer test. So, I'm hoping to get it passed, and then finish the exhaust and send it for an ECU install and tuning.
Is there a video coming? How rough is the idle?
Got a few things to finish up. The idle is fine. But off the line is rough, unless you give it 80% or more throttle. If you try to roll it slow, it kind of bogs down, picks up, bogs down, picks up. Feels like maybe there's a feedback loop with the stock ECU reading/reacting to inputs, or not being able to manage the lower end of the cams. Once you step on it, though, it's a rocket. With full time 4wd and 33 inch tires, I felt the tires break traction going into second gear. I'll try to get a video posted this weekend.

You've been a great help, Gloverman. Just giving me the confidence to tackle some of these issues as a driveway mechanic. :) I appreciate it.
Any updates? Have you gotten it tuned any further? I am very interested in your build because I want to do something similar with my 2007 LX470.

I just installed a MAP ECU3. It was pretty easy and I think it will be able to control the modified 2UZ easily. I'm looking at cams next and the Kelford cams are definitely on the top of my list. You chose the 208-B cams, right? What was the reason for those cams? I'm looking for cams that will basically boost the powerband throughout the entire rev range especially in the 3000-5000RPM range because I use my truck for towing and offroading and truck stuff. Was that your goal too?

Check out my video below of the MAP ECU3 it may help you make up your mind on ECU.

How is your LX going with the computer? I am putting a turbo on my 2UZFE Landcruiser and am needing ECU help. Is yours manual or auto? If auto, how is the gearbox controlled? Factory ECU?
It's been running great, no hiccups at all since installed. Added a cat back exhaust and picked up some more power too. Using the factory ECU and 5 speed automatic transmission still.
Just about to embark on this mission myself, will most likely be the ONLY turbo 2UZ Cruiser in WESTERN AUSTRALIA, that I know of. If not AUSTRALIA!! Cant wait
It's been running great, no hiccups at all since installed. Added a cat back exhaust and picked up some more power too. Using the factory ECU and 5 speed automatic transmission still.
Where did you run the oil return to, from the turbo? Is there a fitting/bung somewhere to tee into? This is the last thing i need to get sorted for my build! other than the fuel pumps. Cheers