1. S

    Catastrophic Failure, 2uzfe. Rebuild questions

    I blew up the motor in my 2005 4Runner Sport. I got forced off the highway in a near-accident in the middle of a bad storm, and plowed into deep water at 50mph. Apparently got water in the intake and hydrolocked the motor. Dropped the oil pan and found pieces of the #2 rod and what looks like an...
  2. M

    2UZ-FE TLC no flywheel in an EPC*?

    Hi! I have a problem with Toyota EPC. There's no flywheel for 2UZ Land Cruiser (AT) in it (see attachment 1). General search for "flywheel" returned nothing. Where it is? Thnx! *EPC - electronic parts catalog
  3. P

    2uz M112 modified intake manifold.

    Can anyone modify a 2uz intake manifold to accept a m112 blower? Ive seen it done on 1uz's, but what about 2uz's?
  4. P

    Timing belt is jumping! Help!

    I have 2uzfe with timing 100% correct with new timing belt, everything is lined up and timed correctly. I hand turn the motor about 3 times and none of the marks are lining back up but they were when I timed it. I don't understand. Unless this is natural for the 2uzfe(non vvti). Please help...
  5. Maingear

    2UZFE Starter Overhaul

    I need to overhaul the starter on my wife's car (2000 LX470 200K MI). I am on a business trip in Asia for another week and need to build a shopping list. Replacing parts before they fail keep me out of trouble. Intake manifold gasket Fel-Pro P/N MS96334 $50.00 Grease for bearings Brush...