AC problems from 3uz to e46

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Sorry everyone, maybe my English is not very fluent.
Now the air conditioner compressor cannot start normally. It will turn on and off irregularly. I can't tell whether there is a problem with the air conditioner compressor or the circuit. My circuit now sends a signal to the Toyota computer to turn on the air conditioner through a decoder, but some The data cannot be transmitted to Toyota. I don’t know if this is the reason. I have retained the original BMW protection system. I want to know how I can keep the compressor working at all times and then let the BMW computer control the switch. My original car compresses The machine configuration is a three-plug version (one clutch, two solenoid valves)
The AC input to your ECU will be a signal from the A/C control module to indicate the air conditioning has been switched on/off. The ACMG provides ground to trigger the relay that switches on your compressor clutch and monitors the voltage to confirm the compressor is engaged. This process of allows the ECU to increase the idle speed when the compressor loads up the engine.

How this interfaces with the E46 climate control ECU, I couldn't say - you would need to study the E46 AC circuit to see how it works.

ECU 的交流输入将是来自空调控制模块的信号,用于指示空调已打开/关闭ACMG提供接地来触发继电器,从而打开压缩机离合器并监控电压以确认压缩机已接合当压缩机给发动机加载时,此过程允许 ECU 提高怠速。

我无法透露它与 E46 气候控制 ECU 的接口方式 - 您需要研究 E46 AC 电路才能了解其工作原理。

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Thanks, I've done the part of signaling the Toyota computer, but the Toyota computer can't seem to control the operation of the compressor flow solenoid due to a lack of sensor signal from the body sensor. Is there a way to make this compressor the most common? It's the version where the compressor works normally after the clutch is energized.