1uz VVTI power increase

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1. I have swapped in a 1uzfe v8 into my mitsubishi van. At the moment it is not performing at 100%, I feel some type of hesitation when trying do fast accelerations. How much can a faulty Airflow meter affect the engine's perfomance and what octane fuel can you suggest to be best? I run a 5 bar fuel pump, is that sufficient to sustain the enigne?Can I also get 0-100 km/h times for a stock 1uz.

2. I would like to achieve 300 to 350 rwhp without any forced induction or changing of the bottom end while still keeping the car reliable, any ideas?

3. If I did have to go the Forced Induction way, which options would be best for always giving me power in any situation. Low end to High end.

Thanks BTW for your reply in advance.
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5 bar is more than adequate and may well be too much if you don't run the stock fuel pressure regulator.

My stock 1UZ probably does around 11 seconds 0-100 but my car weighs 1900kg and has 35"tyres. The 1UZ was fitted to quite a few different vehicles ranging from the Soarer to Ambulances so times would be all over the place.

300 to 350 is hard without forced induction as the heads don't flow all that well and the intakes are also quite restrictive. If you got that far you wouldn't have power low and high, you would only have power up high.

Supercharging would give the most linear increase in torque (which is what gives you the push in the back) but it is expensive and a lot of work to do well.

Where are you located?


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No fuel reg on the engine on a vvti Rod. Must use something elsewhere in system. Factory is 4 bar constant supply at engine.

Main issue i see with poor low end power on vvti uz is the vsv for the avis. I have some info contained in other videos on youtube. CartuneNZ.

I should do a couple on the supercharged vvtis I have done. The vcross which i have on here and face book is now supercharged.


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Not enough details , in particular
-fuel pressure, is it consistent across load/rpm or not
-trouble codes
-a/t or m/t
-diag.info such as long term fuel trims, ignition advance in various modes, etc