1uz conversion

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    1uzfe 4runner . Need some help with 4 wheel

    I looking for transmission extention housing to covert it back to 2 wheel . Right now . I want to convert it back to 2 wheel then back to 4 wheel because the transfer case for 1uzfe is on the left hand side and the vechicle i am swapping it into is on the right hand side.
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    1UZ into Range Rover Classic

    I’m looking into doing a swap into a 92 Range Rover Classic with a 1UZ FE using the current ZF 4HP22 transmission. I have a found a conversion kit from Dellows Conversions in Sydney, and was hoping to get a bit more info on doing the swap. I had a look around the forum and noticed there was a...
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    Is it possible to swap a 1uz fe non vvti into a 06 Lexus gs430.

    this idea has been in my head forever now and I want to make it happen. I’m bored of the 3uz fe, and I want to make my Lexus 06 GS fast but I found out that the sleeve thickness is different from the 1uz. So will it be possible to swap a 1uz fe non vvti in it? And will it be okay to use the...
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    1UZ-FE NON-VVTI front facing performance intake manifold

    Hello guys This is what we made for the 1uz non vvti version, and now designing the VVTI application. Does any one know the 3UZ intake can fit on the 2UZ or not?
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    1uz VVTI power increase

    Hi 1. I have swapped in a 1uzfe v8 into my mitsubishi van. At the moment it is not performing at 100%, I feel some type of hesitation when trying do fast accelerations. How much can a faulty Airflow meter affect the engine's perfomance and what octane fuel can you suggest to be best? I run a 5...
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    1UZ-FE vvti swap coolant issues

    Hi! To make a long story short: I have a Nissan 200SX S13 drift/track car, with an 1UZ-FE VVTi swap. Custom harness from PEM in England(stock ECU), double 12" electric fans and a 58mm aluminium radiator. Filled the radiator with red coolant, and let the car idle for about 10 minutes, and the...
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    1uz lose power on transmission change

    Hello, sorry for my bad english, i am from Dominican Republic and i have a Toyota Altezza with a recently installed 1UZ VVT-I and the problem is that my car and my friend's car not have enough power, we haved test a Toyota Cressida with a 1uz NON VVT-I in drift and the engine respond very well...
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    Pinout for Ecu 89661-50170

    Hi guys I'm having a lot of trouble locating a diagram for my ECU, its a 89661-50170 (34-22-16-28 layout) from a UCF 1X Celsior. http://www.toyodiy.com/parts/xref?s=89661-50170&mJ=on&mG=on The loom had been wired for a later (UCF2X) ecu that didn't match the motor and I am now just trying to...
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    1UZ into mx73 connecting power to the ecu

    Im almost towards the end of my swap and im stuck.. Im running the 1uzfe ecu with the motor. I only have the harness that connects to the actual ecu meaning the same one thats running to the injectors and several sensors. My question is how to get power to the ecu so the starter...
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    1UZ exhaust clatter/clapping sound

    I have a twin exhaust on my 1uz conversion. 2x 2.25" (57mm) stainless pipes from headers, right through with 2 silencers per pipe. (I drive alot soI don't like it noisy) Makes awesome sound until you give it enough throttle, then it starts "clapping"/ "clattering". I have a balancing tube about...