1uz vvti

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    1uz VVTI power increase

    Hi 1. I have swapped in a 1uzfe v8 into my mitsubishi van. At the moment it is not performing at 100%, I feel some type of hesitation when trying do fast accelerations. How much can a faulty Airflow meter affect the engine's perfomance and what octane fuel can you suggest to be best? I run a 5...
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    1uz 98 key transponder

    i have 98 1uz fe vvti with the key, ignition ring, key transponder. 5 wires are coming out of the transponder (black, white and blue, white, white and yellow, red) i know that i only need to use 3 and wire it to the ecu but dont know which 3 and where in the ecu this is my ecu pinout
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    Range Rover classic 1uz vvti swap

    Hi There guys, I was wondering if I could get some insight and pro knowledge on my newly started project I've just started rebuilding the rr classic 3 door for hunting, with the engine of choice being the famous 1uz vvti. I'm new to the 1uz family but have a friend helping me with the build...