1uz Fuel Economy

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84 4runner LS400 ECU/Engine (91) using supreme fuel in the US and it is getting about 15L/100KMs. This is with a guage that is accurately adjusted for fuel consumption AND speed. I am able to see instantaneous mileage/consumption as well. The engine reports "running" as normal when put in to diagnostics mode, not to mention it runs very well. Running the R150F manual transmission. 37' tires with 5.29 gears (switching to 4.10s and downsizing tires 2-3").

I get better mileage in town lugging around than on the highway. Most likely due to the large tires (37 Toyo MTs on steelies).

The 1UZ can be a very efficient engine, from what I've seen and heard, if it is fit with an aftermarket ECU. I've been told it runs quite rich with very conservative timing. My belief is that there should be quite a bit of room for improvement with an aftermarket ECU.

If putting the 1UZ in a truck with large tires, this is about what you will get. Don't expect or think it will be better. It might get a little better with 4.10 or other gears, but I still don't think it will deviate much. Even with the 5.29s I have to give it a decent amount of throttle to keep 'er moving on the highway.


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Darlington, UK
TR7 with early 1UZFE on R154 gearbox, 3.08 diff, MS3Pro ECU, ITB's and custom headers/exhaust. Early days yet and being used gently (till I get the handling sorted) but managing 32-34mpg(UK gallons)/8.8-8.3 litres per 100 kms, bearing it mind it weighs it at around 1000Kg, which is considerably better than the original 2.0 motor with a third of the power!

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9k's to litre average on highway on 930K trip, Sydney to Gold Coast thought I was sort of keeping at 110KPH legal maximum, GPS says I hit 183KPH at some point of the trip, (awaiting conformation from point to point speed cameras)