1990 LS400 Engine wiring Diagram

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Gulfport MS.
I have not been successful in getting a complete engine wiring diagram for my 1990 LS400 engine. I am doing a swap into a 1990 Supra and I am currently fixing some of the wires in the LS400 harness and I am just checking all of the connections and what everything goes to. So if anybody has a copy of the complete diagram that will be great. I have looked at the diagram here on the site and even printed it out and put them together but it does not cover all of the components. So please help.


Perth WA
You can get the factory ones, I have them but to e-mail them to you may not work as it's a monster of a file. Drop me a PM with you're e-mail addy and I'll tell you how to do it. I'll need to know the exact month and year of your engine to tell you how to do this and the getting of the info might cost about $25 but will save you a whole lot of problems, You may need to use the art of bullsh!t a little but as you're in the US the system should let you thru