1990 LS400 timinig marks questions

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Jerry O

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I have a 1990 LS400. i know about the 3 timing marks. i have taken off the valve cover, are there any more timing marks on the cam shafts?

i just did the timing belt and water pump. and now i want to check the valve clearences. The picture on the Lextreme tutorial has the cams rotated opposite of mine. i am concerned i have put the timing belt on 180 degrees off for the upper vs lower cam shaft. if they were off would the car start?


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This is the way you should tackle a timing belt replacement. Use an OEM timing belt as they have the correct timing marks. After market ones often don't have marks. Set up the engine for No.1 at TDC before you remove the old belt so you can eyeball the position of the cam and crank marks with their respective mark on the engine.
There are heaps of pictures on the net however I attached one for you.
The good news, if you have screwed it up fitting the timing belt and turned the engine over, you won't hurt anything. These engines are non interference


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