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    Dear Members, You might have gotten my email regarding parts. I am currently ceased all sale of performance and oem parts due to personal and family commitment along with recently newly diagnosed heart problem (congenital heart condition). I am unable to fulfill orders in a timely manner...
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    Has anyone ordered parts from Lextreme recently?

    Sorry everyone. First I want to apology to everyone who ordered from. I had a meeting with Shawn yesterday I told I have been very burn out. Busy with my work, family and other this. I would like to take an extra effect to finish some of the orders. I sincerely asking for your...
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    ae86. vvti 1uzfe. hmmmmm

    Wow.. impressive....
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    Site Domain Renewal

    Yes John, It is still the same. I am just super upset with Nick and his way of doing biz.
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    Site Domain Renewal

    Sorry for the withdraw.. but our domain host went out of business and they never inform us that our domain was about to expired. I contacted Nick Twaddell from Webspace Solutions and paid him over the weekend and he never renewal our domain. He basically took our money and ran. I emailed him...
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    New LCD Screen for LS400

    I think your LCD been shipped middle of July but will double check.
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    2UZ Shortblock NEW

    Nice... Looks a 2005 to 2006 block.. with VVTi.
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    New LCD Screen for LS400

    I am very sorry that you didnt get your LCD yet. I need to double check my shipping. However, international shipping is complex and lots of packages were stolen. I have been extremely busy and with change of computer we lost few emails. LCD is a simple order and it should have been sent...
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    My New Camper

    MPG is bad but dont forgot I can use Used Motor Oil from local auto shops. I can get 50/50. Half used motor oil and half diesel. That will give me about 12 mpg (based on my purchase of diesel) I have few shops willing to give me used motor oil that they changed out from cars. I can filter...
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    My New Camper

    Extreme is the word or should we say Lextreme? After getting the greenlight from the wife I got this 1975 M109A3 military service truck from a local seller. I was looking at Government Liqudator but the hassel, the wait, the paper work, the flights and shipping just not worth my time. This van...
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    2uz block needed

    I have one... pm me
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    WTB: 1UZFE Front Sump non VVTI - QLD

    FYI.. VVTi front sump still work..
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    1UZ in IS200

    I think 1 or 2J would be easier..
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    2000 toyota tundra 4.7L Manual conversion

    Congrats.. great work...
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    3uz VVTI cam sensor

    I hope you didnt take out the VVTi cam gear. Once it is out, will not able to put them back. The sensor should have stabilizing screw holes. I am not getting your questions.