Vendor Rules


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Vendor Advertising Rules
All Vendors please read these rules and abide by them. The Site (lextreme) provides you with a venue to market your wares to a select and targeted audience of 1/2/3UZ-FE engine users you will not find in any other Site.

Who is a Vendor
A Vendor is any business producing/selling/supplying any goods or service pertaining to automotive products. Persons supplying a product/service to other members on a small scale non-business basis are not Vendors for the sake of these rules. The Administrator/ Super Moderators/Moderators (Management) shall decide whether a person qualifies as a Vendor or not.

Type of product advertised
You may advertise any automotive product in the Vendor Section or organise any Group Purchase subject to the product not being in competition to a product currently marketed by the lextreme Site.

The proceeds of the all products marketed by lextreme are used to run the Site.

Vendors may approach lextreme with a view to supplying the Site with their product subject to lextreme being the sole distributor of that product on the Site.

Placement of Advertisement
All products advertised may only be positioned in the Vendor Section. “Teaser” Threads may be started in any appropriate area. For example a “teaser” may be placed in the Forced Induction Section for any product/component designed to assist in forced induction. The Teaser shall allow only one post by the vendor. Vendors may not reply to questions in the original thread pertaining to the “teaser” ad. Vendors may “bump” the thread to keep the item toward the top of the Section for 14 days from the date of the original thread.

Smart Vendors will create a link the “teaser” to the Vendor Section and their particular item’s thread.

Group purchases
Should a Vendor wish to organise a Group Purchase on behalf of Members they may post the Group Purchase in the Group Purchase Section where they are signed in as a member and they do not refer to their business or use their business name in any signature or subsequent thread.

This may entail Vendors having two usernames to assist in separating business and non-business activities.

Vendors may link to their own Website to allow members to view their products subject to there being no products on the Vendor’s Website in competition to any product marketed by lextreme.

Competing Products
More than one Vendor may market a similar product on this Site. Where this happens any post where one Vendor denigrates the product or service of another Vendor will be deleted and appropriate disciplinary action taken.

Moving and Locking threads
Management are empowered to move or lock a thread where it is posted in the inappropriate section of the Forum. Any subsequent discussion between the Management Vendor will be conducted via Personal Message (PM) and not in the Public Forum.

Disciplinary Action by the Site
Should a Vendor breach these rules the Management may impose a penalty commensurate with the breach. This may range from a PM to suspension for a short period to banning from the Site. The ma

Any dispute as to a thread or post being appropriate or a product being acceptable will
be decided by the Management of the Forum. Their decision will be final. If you have any questions, please contact Zuffen.