sluggish pickup once up to runing temp


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Hi just wondering if any one has had this problem ? I have a 1uz when it is cold, not stone cold just before it gets up to full running temp, I have very good acceleration. It is very responsive from a standing start, it will spin wheels well in to second gear and does not ping or anything out of the ordinary. BUT once it has gotten up to full running temp it is not as responsive from a standing start. It will not spin the wheels even if I want to. It just seems doughy until it gets to 3500rpm and then it is fine, very good pick up, powers on and goes hard just wondering has any one got any ideas?


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The 9th injector

It`s possible you are just noticing the ninth injector at cold temps. There is a ninth injector which only comes on when the vehicle is cold to assist with idle I guess. But mine seems responsive everywhere, extractors,splitfire plugs and a unichip will do this!!! then it hurts yourneck when it`s cold.


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Is the 1UZ in a conversion? If so has it ever run right?

The cold start injector only works when cranking (if wired correctly)

If it's running rubbish when hot, perhaps the ecu temperature sender (green one on water bridge) is stuffed. To check if the sender is working, check its voltage. It should be around 2V when cold, and about 0.8V when at operating temperature.


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It sounds likeit is running rich.

This si why it runs well cold but dies when it get hot. Once over 3,500 it will run well as the rich mixture isn't so critical.

I'd do as Muzza suggested.