Rules for Feedback Threads (all to read).

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Feedback and all replies related for a certain company and/or individual will only be allowed if the thread meets the following criteria >

1) you must have PERSONALLY had an experience with said company and/or individual.

2) your opinion of said company and/or individual will be deleted unless you have had PERSONAL experience.

3) reply posts will relate to the topic only.

4) individual threats / insults will be deleted and the user will be banned for a month - any further action required will result in a permanent ban.

5) disputes are best solved when only facts are brought to the table - getting emotional solves nothing.

6) all are offered to share their own PERSONAL experiences within the thread regarding said company and/or individual - be it good or bad.

7) no one cares about what your brother's mate's cousin had done with said company and/or individual.

this section will be watched closely. small oversights will see the user with a polite PM asking to modify or delete your post within 24 hours. it's nicer this way, and at least you know when you've crossed the line.

if we can all stick to these rules, keep only facts on the table and keep threads civilised this will be a useful resource to the UZ community.
Not open for further replies.