RHINO USED AUTO PARTS in Pacoima, California, HORRIBLE!!!

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I bought another 1UZ-FE for my 240 project that i first saw on ebay...,1&item=8042941545&sspagename=STRK:MEWA:VRI

That auction had ended so I called Rhino and worked out a deal over the phone for the engine with harness, PS pump, Alternator and air flow meter all shipped to my place which is only 100 miles away. I was told the motor was in good condition, no leeks, ran fine, blah blah blah . We agreed to have it delivered on a Tuesday. They did not show and I did not get a call from them, when i called to see why they had not shown up on tues, they said they had to wait till wed. then Thursday to drop the motor off. I told him i was busy on Thursday and he could only deliver the engine before 11AM. He agreed and said his driver left at 8:15 that morning. at 11 he called me and said his driver was 5 miles away, 11:30, still nothing, 12, 12:30, then 2PM, 3PM, 4PM, the motor did not get to me until 5PM that day. When the driver got there, the air flow meter was missing. I was then told it would be shipped out to me the next day. I unloaded the motor put it on the stand and began to pull the front covers off to get to the water pump. The whole front of the motor was covered in sludge. The front main seal was gone and gunk was everywhere. Many of the external engine harness plugs were destroyed, the engine did not have headers, O2 sensors, the T. Body was filled with sand, and there was lots of crap in the oil pan which i need to ID, i think its just silicone sealer. 3 weeks and still no air flow meter, even though i called 2 times and was told it had been sent out. Its now been 5 weeks and i JUST got the air flow meter via UPS. I cant say that im happy with Rhino auto parts. I was lied to and inconvenienced. I just thought i should post my experience.


wow man, sorry to hear about the bad deal. I would have been extremely angry, being told it was ready to run, then find sand in the intake manifold?! Not to mention the whole shipping fiasco and everything else...


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Do they have a website? What you need is this:

Its at my house right now from JamesN, but its not for sale.


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The link is to electronic security equipment.

Relays, reed switches that kind of stuff.


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The link should be going to there ebay store. THey sell all sorts of car parts from engines, trannys to eletrical stuff.


It sounds like a bad experience dude. You must request for a refund for that. That sucks!
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