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Engine Bay Contest (1 Vote Per Member Please)

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Just call me "Lex"

Show it off. Show use some pictures of your engine bay and setup. Please email me the followings:

1. 5 640 x 480 pictures
2. Full detail discriptions of your modifications

The members will vote for the best looking engine bay. All contestants must submit info before Feb 1, 2004. The winner will get a brand new .051" Multi-Layer Steel Gaskets. Some submit your info to me. Voting from 2-01-5 to 4-0-2005 [email protected]


Just call me "Lex"
Here is the first contestant: Brett Hoy - Cobra

Basically the motor is standard with the exception of the blower which give it a much needed boost down low.
Bosch motorsport 550hp fuel pump
Rising rate fuel regulator
Bored oversize T/B
9th and 10th injectors
Soon to have water/methanol injection
Undersize 3 inch blower pulley
Approx 8 psi boost
Best part is the whole car only weights 980 kilo's (2100pounds}
Best regards and seasons greetings
Brett Hoy (Cobra)


Crap. I was waiting for some better pics of my bay, but they haven't come through yet. So I'll just post few pics of how it was a month ago.

Well, I can only find one since I relocated my battery, so that will have to do.


Just call me "Lex"
Contest ends today... Please vote for your favorite contestant. One member have one vote. Winner will get a set of MLS.


i voted for peewee too, cos its a similar look to my engine bay.

maybe i should have submitted my one also.meh doesn't matter if mine needs headgaskets i'd probably fit another motor as it'd be cheaper probably.

how about when this ones completed, send a PM to each member and get a (voluntary) submission from each member. they are all similar due to the 1UZ dominating the space.
but only two entries surely we can do better next time?


Just call me "Lex"
The winner of engine bay contest is The old school PeeWee. Please pm with your address for your gift. MLS.....