CAUTION!!!! Wet Paint


Just call me "Lex"
Got my SC470 painted. Struggled for months about what color to paint. Finally, decided to stay with the original. I also installed the complete 1997-2000 SC400 body style. The car is little dirty and it will be two weeks until i can tow it home. I need to get my LS520 out my carport first. From there the body will wait for the 4.7L TT. Here are some pictures.


Just call me "Lex"

Still white color. This car is about to fire up with a new motor. I just got a set of Coilovers from MeisterR and will be installing soon with perhaps G35 19" rims.


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I love that black color on the SC. I just start painting a tonneau for my truck and I found out the materials aren't that expensive. The cost of the good materials to paint the whole car could be around $300. However, the labor cost is quite extensive, but it's worth the pay due to a lot of careful time to prep the surface. We pay for out patience.


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u can get paint mixed by any bodyshop with a paint system. all you need is a paint code and a willing painter.