Catastrophic Failure, 2uzfe. Rebuild questions


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Thanks for the feedback. Gloverman: I'll get the build sheets and post them for you. The engine was originally 9:1, but was built to 9.5:1, with forged internals.

I got some additional suggestions from Josh at Kelford this afternoon. His suggestion for cranking up the oil pressure without damaging the cams with a potentially slow or difficult start was to shut off the fuel, pull the spark plugs to allow a faster cranking rpm, pull the valve covers and bathe the cam lobes before and after cranking to make sure they're lubed. Then set the plugs and open the fuel feed and fire it up.

That sounds like good advice, since I seem to be a magnet for things not going as expected.

Planning to fire it up on Saturday. I'll find and post the build sheets when I get a chance.

Thanks again for the suggestions. I appreciate it.