Cam noise once engine is warm


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Hey guys,

Ive done a search but cant seem to find something that sounds like the problem I have so thought some help might be needed. I have just finished putting a 1UZ in an RX30 Cressida with a manual behind it. And do I love it.

Now the car is running fine but once she warms up there is a slight cam noise from both heads. Doesnt sound tappet like but more something is loose? Being on both sides and sounds identical I would doublt something is stuck, but you never know. Now the motor has been sitting for about 2 years and is a series one. This thing was the tidiest motor Ive ever seen. Had every cover and you could eat off the block so Im assuming the k's are pretty low. But I digress.

I do have an oil filter relocation kit and RX7 oil cooler fitted. Im wondering if once the oil is getting warm the pump is struggling to get it all the way to the heads properly?? I also have a mid sump with about 30mmx30mm notch cut out the back but it is still a good 20-30mm away from the pickup. The car has no issues and Ive given her a few good skirts and goes very very well. Just the noise is bugging me, and I am weary as this is the second motor. First ran itsself dry a min after startup.

Here is a video I just took. In the video you can hear the normal high pitch tappet type noise but its the deeper one you can hear about 10 seconds into the video. Any ideas?

Any help would be great!!

Thanks guys


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What fugly said.. Sounds like mine did too.. But...

Ring up your local Subaru parts mob and get a can of their "Upper Cylinder Cleaner" AKA "Suby spray" and follow the directions. Worth trying this first as it is really good sh!t.

Failing that you are looking at replacing the wave washers on the scissor gears of the cams which for a similar noise was a recall on Mazda V6s in the mid 90s in NZ. Some have wondered if it is the "pulse dampener" on the fuel rail which is likely or even a dicky injector. Yet you'd notice this in performance or driveability