Kelford slightly aggressive cam gains

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Car is a 1995 SC400 ... I'm looking to get a set of kelfords and do whatever tuning / piggyback manipulation necessary for it to run optimally. Bigger injectors is definitely something I would do if it would reap beneficial gains. As of right now only go fast mods are bfi mod and hurricane headers with 2.5" all the way back, no cats. I would be happy with 50whp total over stock form with the cams, headers, bfi and tuning. Am I expecting too much?
Often, guys overlook the fuel they use. If your chasing more power then make sure you use a high octane fuel such as 98 or E85. Its only a few cents more at the pump and will make all the other mods work better. Performance cams are designed to make an engine breath better and often lifts the usable rev range. Even though the manufacturer might state the cams will work ok using standard valve springs, it would be a good idea to consider heavier springs. And to get the most out of your upgrade, you might consider porting the heads and fitting a high flow air filter. +50 @ the wheels should be possible with the above and a tune.
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