1uz Ported cylinder heads with Kelford Cams.

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.


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Hi Kelvin, Great video as always.
Can you provide more details on who supplied the adjustable cam fittings?

I can share with everyone some tips and tricks I learnt when dialling in my cams. Was a while ago so working from memory.

If using high lift after market cams, be CAREFUL when turning over the engine. Once the cams are fitted, the Cam belt / cam timing MUST be set so the belt and marks are lined up otherwise if you turn over the engine it might be possible to crash a piston against a valve and bend one or more valves. Valve stems are only 6mm and with a long bar on the crank, it does take much to bend one or more.

You may want to shim and adjust valve clearances before indexing the cams. (I would)
Accurately determine TDC and setup degree wheel, check accuracy a number of times.
Use a large diameter degree wheel (improves accuracy) and a long bar (about 1M long) for fine control when turning the crank.
Only turn the engine clockwise, never anti-clockwise.
Allow for timing belt stretch, I found the good belts (like Gates) will still stretch as much as 3 crank degrees when cold.
Use two dial gauges (I like digital), one set up on Cyl1 and the other on Cyl6 so you can check both banks without having to make another crank rotation.

I should imagine its going to be real tricky to get those exhausts dialled in.


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Found your channel just before finding this forum. Very new to Lexus and I'm trading my integra for a sc400 this monday, excited to see more from your channel!