1UZFE Powered Airplane


I purposely over-designed the Belt drive PSRU and it can handle 1000hp. There's nothing like having heaps of redundancy in an aircraft...
I;ve been running the motor at normally 3200 rpm in the cruise, but that was only because it was the smoothest rev for my nerves due to a slight vibration. I recently spent a whole day using a friends new dynamic balancer to balance the prop to perfection, and now I can run it at any rev and it doesn't worry me.
It's now just a noise machine...no vibration!
No mods apart from those needed to fit the PSRU - and a back up Ignition and fuel system. Generally, the more you can keep an engine stock standard in an aircraft, the more reliable.


This is a couple of videos taken out of my latest aeroplane designed specifically as a Glider Towplane - once again with a 1UZFE, but this time using an Autoflight gearbox (to reduce the speed of the propellor) made in Hamilton, New Zealand.
It was initially flown with a factory standard ECU, but it kept shutting the motor down at various heights so I replaced it with a Megasquirt.




hi kriss,
sorry for the late reply,but just came back from the usa!!!
the aircraft is at springs airfeild!!
let me know if you want to see her and go for a flight?
eaa oshkosh was awesome!!!
2007 !! Hope you are still flying and enjoying your aircraft....!