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Hi all, after a bit of googling I've been unable to find any threads or definitive answers to this question, so here goes.

I acquired three 1uzfes, which I believe are the early-generation big rod variants in various states of disrepair. Two of them seem salvageable, and the third looks like a good donor block for a built engine, which led me down the rabbit hole of what to do with them. One idea I'm throwing around at the moment is making a single-seater using one of these engines and an Audi 012 gearbox.

My question to you is, would the engine be suitable to be used as a stressed member, similar to an F1 car of the late 70s, where the engine is bolted directly to the back of the chassis, and the gearbox, rear suspension and rear aero are hung off of it. Would the block be suitable/ strong enough for this purpose, or would it simply fall to pieces, along with my lofty hopes and dreams?

If needs be, I can use a conventional tubular chassis design, but the novelty and engineering challenge of creating a stressed-member car is too fun not to explore to some degree.

In my research so far I have been unable to find anything to do with this, so if you have any knowledge or relevant information on this topic it would be greatly appreciated.