1UZFE Powered Airplane


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Just fitted two turbos to the aircraft and yes it is on the lexus motor!!!
We started it today for the first time and she run awesome!!!
Cant wait to finish her and get her flying to see what she will do!!!On the ground there is plenty power!!!will keep you guys informed!!
pictures to follow soon!!!
Thanks again!!

All the best,
Team Micsa


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They're stored somewhere but who know's where!

The Site was hacked about 6 months ago and we've lost a lot of photos and links.

Try PM'ing the original poster of the photos and they may have copies they can send you.


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Hi All,
The aircraft are going great!!
Just over 500hours in total and 400hours on the first prototype.
i must look for those pictures to post again!!!
but i can post some new stuff!!
Thanks to all for the interest!!
Just been busy building seven of them now and also fitted a 1uzfe to a bear hawk!!look good!!
Cheers till later!!
Team micsa


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Hi there! This thread has so much promise....

Update me on progress,... would love to see the plane... and would love to come fly with you.

Tell me about costs, and delivery... budgets are being pressed all the time...


Misca, and all.
Years ago, I came across, or was sent a photo (can't remember which) of your first aeroplane with the 1UZFE still being installed on the nose of it. Until a couple of weeks ago, I had heard/seen nothing further until I came across this forum. I've had a 1UZFE in my aeroplane since March 2003 and I've attached a few photos of it here.
If I can work out how to attach a short video clip, I'll attach it also to another post.
My "Maranda Super 14" doesn't get along as fast as yours as it is designed basically as a STOHL bush plane and I generally cruise it at around 95 to 100 knots (109-115 mph/175-185 km/h). Any faster the drag increases dramatically and the fuel burn goes through the roof! However, she does get off the ground rather rapidly and climbs at 2000 ft/minute.
I'm impressed with your progress and especially to hear you have now built several.
Last Xmas, I finished my second plane with a 1UZFE in it purpose built with the intention to eventually tow gliders with it, but I've now run into an enormous obstacle with our CAA who have recently restructured and the new staff seem hell bent on not allowing me to fly it, so it appears at this stage that it is destined for the scrap bin.... after 5 years work! Such is life... If I ever get to fly it, I have designed and geared it with the anticipation of 3000 ft/min but I may never get to prove it!
I've attached a couple of photos of it also.
Gavin Grimmer


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Just being difficult as they are usually doing Certified Aircraft and don't understand the concept of homebuilt planes. The minute they don't have paperwork, plans, etc, to refer to, they freak out as they seem to think it is their butts on the line, and if anything goes wrong they will be to blame (which isn't the case). Hence it is easier to say you can't fly it, than to risk their jobs.
With homebuilt planes, all they are required to do is to check all the paperwork is in order, and there is no obvious faults in the design. The onus is then on the builder to prove that it is airworthy by flight testing it. Once it has done the required amount of testing, it is then issued with a Special Category Airworthiness Certificate and allowed to be flown normally. Unfortunately, the experienced Inspectors have all left, and the ones that have taken over only know how to deal with Certified Aircraft.


Tried that. Once you get a person who leaves CAA, if they are not contracted by CAA to do the job, then they are likely to get their heads bitten off for interfering! The 'culture' in our CAA here at the moment is real bad. A lot of them think they are "GOD" and have all power!
I forgot to say in my previous post that the only aircraft that get dry sumped are ones that are likely to be used in negative G's such as aerobatic aircraft.
All the general 'run of the mill' aircraft, have wet sumps.


I'm been really busy over the last couple of weeks (and still am) so sorry for taking so long to reply.
I actually now have two airplanes flying with 1UZFE's in them. One with a Gates Polychain PRSU (Propellor Speed Reduction Unit) and the other with a locally made (in New Zealand) "Autoflight" PSRU Gearbox so I will post photo's of both. You can also see a couple of early videos of one of them flying on:


The belt drive model is getting close to 500 hrs flying with the 1UZFE and the gearbox version model has to date only done around three... in the early stages of test flying!



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Very impressive; thanks for updating!

It's amazing how much power those Gates Polychain belts can transmit, and at relatively low RPM too. At what RPM range are you running the engine? Did you have to make any reliability mods for the aircraft application, or is it box stock?