1UZ into mx73 connecting power to the ecu


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Im almost towards the end of my swap and im stuck..

Im running the 1uzfe ecu with the motor. I only have the harness that connects to the actual ecu meaning the same one thats running to the injectors and several sensors.

My question is how to get power to the ecu so the starter, injectors, and spark would read. I've searched this site and others and couldnt find an answer. Any help is appreciated:confused:


You need to work out year of the motor and then you can find diagrams to tell you the pin outs for your ECU. Then go from there


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I have the pin outs schematic. I guess my question is do i wire separate wires from the circuit relay to the cressidas circuit opening relay?

the pin outs show which component is supposed to have power, which i understand but im asking how do i get it there? Do i just splice a wire to the starter? Based on the pinout the starter connects power to most of the ecu, but i know its supposed to go through the circuit opening relay. Where is the exact connection point for the ecu. Its a 92 motor and ecu