Lexus-Toyota 1UZFE Torque Specifications

Torque Spec (SC400) Part tightened N.m ft.lbf No.1 idler pulley X Cylinder block 34 350 25 No.2 idler pulley X Cylinder block 34 350 25 Hydraulic pump X Cylinder block 12 mm head 16 160 12 14 mm head 30 310 22 Crankshaft pulley X Crankshaft 245 2,500 181 Camshaft timing pulley X Camshaft … Read more


Since June 2003 I have wired ~20 1UZFE V8 conversions into a variety of vehicles, most of which have been 2 or 4WD Hilux, with a Hiace van, Triumph Stag, Supra and Landcruiser thrown in for variety. This tally includes four full-on competition 4WDs in addition to my own cheap and nasty Supra (to keep … Read more

Supercharger Kit for Lexus SC400 & LS400

THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Here is the latest update video: Please click here to see this Supercharger Bracket. (No Longer For Sale) SC400 WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON CLICK FOR MORE INFO! The code name for these first generation 1UZFE supercharged systems is known as “The Fish” and here is My Supercharger Story.  With … Read more

Lexus Won’t Start But Has Power: How To Diagnose Starter Problems

Here are some possible diagnoses why your engine won’t start but has power. Battery and Associated Cables It is possible the battery is weak and causes the engine not to turn. However, if you turn on all the lights and blast all the fans and still having trouble turning the engine, then it’s most likely … Read more