Lexus LS400 & SC400 A341E Transmission


The A341E automatic transmission is a 4–speed Electronically Controlled Transmission with an intelligent

control (hereafter called ECT–i) developed exclusively for the Lexus LS400. The A341E automatic transmission

has the following features.

When shifting the transmission, the engine torque is controlled and the clutch hydraulic pressure in the

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Supercharged Lexus LS400 and SC400

There is big talk about turbo and supercharging Lexus V8 engines.  Specifically the first generation LS400 and SC400 from 1990 to 1997.  Richwood made a wonderful supercharger adaptor manifold and it can pretty much take anything you throw on top of it.  M90 supercharger is very common installed in the … Read the rest of the post...

The GZG-50 Toyota Century 1GZ-FE V12

Some people will be aware of my mythical 34 ‘Ford’ Woodie Station Wagon hotrod project that never makes any headway due to a tendency for other projects to materialize and take priority. Consequently ‘progress’ on the Woodie in real terms equates to the slow accumulation of bits.

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How To Upgrade Injectors and Resistors on a Lexus V8 1UZFE

I have been looking around for upgrade injectors for my Lexus LS400 which has 1UZFE engine.  I tried to contact few places for new injectors, but price is over the ceiling.  An average 440 cc  is about $100 each.  Therefore, I want to use some oem injectors from other cars.… Read the rest of the post...

How to Replace a Lexus LS400/SC400 Alternator

The main purpose on an alternator is to recharge current back to the battery.  One of the most common problems with the Lexus LS400 and SC400 is that power steering pump seal leak.  Right below the power steering pump is the alternator.  The power steering fluid will drip down and Read the rest of the post...

Supercharged Lexus – Supercharger Kit for SC400 (Soarer) & LS400 (Celsior)


First Generation LS400 IS AVAILABLE NOW!

Here is the latest update videos of the 

Supercharged Lexus LS400 Video # 1
Supercharged Lexus LS400 Video # 2
Supercharged Lexus LS400 Video # 3
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