How to Clean or Replace Lexus SC400/LS400 PCV Valve

Most Lexus owners really neglect simple PCV Valve cleaning and maintenance and this can cause some gas mileage loss. That’s why I thought I’d write up a simple DIY tutorial with complete instructions on how to clean or change your own PCV valve.

PCV stands for Positive Crankcase Ventilation.  Basically, … Read the rest of the post...

Supra Twin Turbo Brake Upgrade for Lexus SC300, GS300 and IS300

Tools and Equipment Required

Brake clean (AT LEAST 2 cans)
17mm wrench or socket
14mm wrench or socket
11mm box wrench (in addition, an 11mm crescent wrench is also recommended)
10mm box wrench
10mm crescent wrench
1/2” Drive Ratchet (3/8” drive suggested)
Flat-blade screwdriver
Power cutoff wheel (or metal sheers)… Read the rest of the post...

Lexus-Toyota 1UZFE Engine Variants

There are 6 variants of the engine. Crown (pre-96), Crown (post-96), SC400 (or Soarer for JDM versions), SC400 “active” or UZZ32, LS400 and Celsior

To assist in engine identification the vehicles model numbers are handy.
The cosmetic differences are quite wide ranging and you should ensure you check for as … Read the rest of the post...

Lexus LS400 & SC400 A341E Transmission


The A341E automatic transmission is a 4–speed Electronically Controlled Transmission with an intelligent

control (hereafter called ECT–i) developed exclusively for the Lexus LS400. The A341E automatic transmission

has the following features.

When shifting the transmission, the engine torque is controlled and the clutch hydraulic pressure in the

transmission … Read the rest of the post...

Comparing Lexus-Toyota 1UZFE, 2UZFE and 3UZFE Rods With Forged H Beam Rods

This is the first time someone ever compare them side by side.  The UZFE engines are a mystery to everyone.  However, I got a 3UZFE short block for $50 USD and I am dissecting out for R&D purposes.  In this article I will be comparing the two rods with precise Read the rest of the post...

How to Convert a Lexus LS400 Hydraulic Fan to an Electric Fan

I am in the process of changing the oem mechanical fan to electrical fan.  This will free up some horse power.  Secondly, this electrical fan will pull more air for greater cooling.  This is what I got. A 16 Inch,12 Volt High Performance Reversible Electric Cooling Fan Kit.

This Zirgo … Read the rest of the post...

Buy Lexus-Toyota V8 Performance Parts – Head Studs, MLS Gaskets, Shocks, LCD, Alternators, etc.

This page is solely dedicated to Lexus V8 4.0, 4.3 and 4.7 liter DOHC 1UZFE, 2UZFE and 3UZFE engines (LS400 to Tundra).  Here is the largest Lexus-Toyota V8 performance parts galore.  The after market performance products are so hard to find.

However, base upon my personal experience via many trials … Read the rest of the post...

Lexus LS400 and Celsior Air Suspension Conversion Kit (Replacement Shocks)

When I got my 1990 Lexus LS400 aka Toyota Celsior few years ago, the first thing that went wrong with my car was the Air Suspension Shocks.  Like most car buyers, you find out what not to buy only after you brought it.

Well, I got a LS400 with Air … Read the rest of the post...

How To Upgrade Injectors and Resistors on a Lexus V8 1UZFE

I have been looking around for upgrade injectors for my Lexus LS400 which has 1UZFE engine.  I tried to contact few places for new injectors, but price is over the ceiling.  An average 440 cc  is about $100 each.  Therefore, I want to use some oem injectors from other cars.… Read the rest of the post...

Supercharged Lexus – Supercharger Kit for SC400 (Soarer) & LS400 (Celsior)


First Generation LS400 IS AVAILABLE NOW!

Here is the latest update videos of the 

Supercharged Lexus LS400 Video # 1
Supercharged Lexus LS400 Video # 2
Supercharged Lexus LS400 Video # 3
Supercharged Lexus LS400 Read the rest of the post...

Lexus/Toyota Engine Specs and Info

These engine specifications aren’t intended for sale or publication.  This is only for your information.  Lextreme is not reliable for any copy rights violation or misprint information.

The below specs are in PDF format.  You need Acrobat to view the below specs.  I have chosen the most important topics that … Read the rest of the post...