Lexus 1UZFE Wiring Info

The below wiring data is being used in the audio and alarm industry for proper wiring.  The list below will help you finding proper wires for your electrical needs.  One of my friends own an audio shop and I saw this data.  I told him that I must have and members will get much benefit from this.  So enjoy!  If you need Lexus/Toyota Wiring Diagrams you know where to click.

Lexus LS400 1990-1994


Lexus LS400 1995-1997


Lexus LS400 1998


Lexus LS400 1999


Lexus LS430 2001-03


Lexus SC400 1992-1994


Lexus SC400 1995-1996


Lexus SC400 1997


Lexus SC400 1998


Lexus SC430 2002