Pimp My Ride

Hello All,

I am looking for a company, association or any automotive manufacture to pimp my ride.  I have an old school Lexus LS400.  Its the first year model with over 200k miles.  The silver paint is showing its age and the interior need lots of work along with the audio system.  Here is what I have right now.

Engine & Drivetrain:
+ Custom Ross 8.5:1 forged Pistons with Chrome Moly Rings
+ Custom forged steel rods
+ Federal Mongol Mains and rods bearings
+ ARP Rods Bolts
+ ARP Main Studs and Bolts
+ ARP Head Studs
+ Cometics Multi-Layer-Steel Gaskets
+ Supra Twin Turbo Valve Springs, Retainers and Locks
+ Custom Ported heads with complete 3 angle valve job
+ EGR Delete Kit
+ 175 amps Alternator
+ 900 Cranking Amps Optima Battery
+ Lextreme Performance Torque Converter
+ Blue Print and Balanced

Forced Induction:
+ Custom Single Turbo header with Hot Jet Coasting Designed and fabricated By Lextreme
+ 40 mm Tial External Wastegate with1 bar spring setting
+ Tial 50mm Blow Off Valve
+ Garrett GT40 with Precision .68 T04E Housing (Bad Customer Service Stay Away From Them)
+ Custom Made 3.5" x 11" x 27" intercooler
+ Custom Inlet pipes with T-Bolts Clamps
+ 3" Down pipe to  two 2.25" exhaust pipe

Fuel & Ignition
+ 8-550 Mazda Rx7 Injectors
+ 255 High Volume Walbor Fuel Pump
+ Aeromotive Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
+ Custom Return Fuel Line
+ Dual 6al MSD ignition units
+ NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
+ Split Second FTC1 Fuel and Timing Control

Brake and Suspension:
+ Supra Twin Turbo (MKIV) braking system conversion
+ Slotted and Drill Rotors
+ Strutmaster Air Suspension Conversion with 1.5" drop
+ Daizen front brushings
+ Stainless Steel Braided Steel brake lines

The car is pretty much setup for GO, but no SHOW.  Therefore I am seeking sponsorship the following categories:

1. Body Kit: Prefer a Veilside Body Kit for the first generation Lexus LS400
2. Rims & Tires:  I don't care much.  However, I am looking for 20s with nice lips.  I personally prefer Sterling ADR 20" inches with chrome
3. Interior: Complete Interior overhaul
4. Audio: Something nice and loud with DVD player and monitors
5. Paint:  White or Silver color

If you are interested in sponsoring this awesome ride, please contact me at paypal@lextreme.com


Thank You,