Lexus/Toyota Specs and Info

These engine specifications is not an intention for sale or publication.  This is only for your information.  Lextreme is not reliable for any copy rights violation or misprint information.  The below specs are in PDF format.  You need Acrobat to view the below specs.  I have chosen the most important topics that a typical Lexus  and Toyota owners would like to know.  I also post some Toyota Twin Turbo Supra MKIII and MKIV (7MGTE, 1JGTE and 2JZGTE) engine specifications along with the usually Lexus SC400 and LS400 engine specifications.  If you need Lexus wiring information for Audio and Security Wiring, please click the above link. 

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Soarer/SC400 Specs:    
1st Generation Soarer/SC400    2nd Generation Soarer/SC400 92 SC400 Base Radio Diagram
92 SC400 Radio Diagram with CD Changer

SC400 Charging Diagram

96 SC400 Wiring Diagram 1/3

96 SC400 Wiring Diagram 2/3

96 SC400 Wiring Diagram 3/3

92-95 SC400 ECU Diagram (1)

92-95 SC400 ECU Diagram (2)

Removing Front Bumper Removing Rear Bumper  
1UZFE/LS400 Specs:    
1st Generation Celsor/LS400 1UZFE Torque Specs 1UZFE 92 SC400 Compression Data
1UZFE Fuel System 1UZFE Diagnose with Code 1UZFE Diagnose with Symptoms
A341E Transmission Diagnose 90-92 Brake Specs. 1UZFE Removal & Installation
1UZFE Igniter Diagram 1UZFE Engine Code 1UZFE Radio Diagram
1UZFE A/C Diagram 1UZFE ECC/ECU Wiring Diagram Part 1 1UZFE ECC/ECU Wiring Diagram Part 2
Electrical Compartment Locator 2nd Gen LS400 DX Code Air Suspension Module (diagram)
Front Axial Front Susp. Knuckle Front Susp.
Rear Susp. Rear Susp. Axial  
96 LS400 ECU Diagram 1/4
96 LS400 ECU Diagram 2/4
96 LS400 ECU Diagram 3/4
96 LS400 ECU Diagram 4/4
Supra Specs:    
2JZGTE ECU Diagram 1/4 2JZGTE ECU Diagram 2/4 2JZGTE ECU Diagram 3/4
2JZGTE ECU Diagram 4/4    
2UZFE Specs: Data By Bloodypulp  
Cylinder Block Intake Manifolds R150 Manual Transmission
Cylinder Heads Service Specifications R150 Service Specifications
E-Manage Wiring A340 (2UZFE) Tranny 2UZ Misc Data


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