Clear Corners Installation

The corner lenses look very old and aged.  Lexus LS400 has an image of older and mature owners.  Initially only well over, mid age can afford such nice ride.  Recently, those rides has been hand me down to our generation.  Our parents hand down the car and he image comes along with it.  Do we want to look like our parents?  Of course not.  We are young and hip and we want our ride to reflect the same image.

If we want to different from our parents, what can we do?  Well, without spending lots of money, you alter the look of your ride especially from the opposite incoming traffic.  With less than 65 bucks, you can send a message saying I am young and I am cool.  I highly recommend clear corners.  Why?  first they are affordable and installation takes about 10 minutes.

In this article I will try to show step by step on the installation.  When I purchased this kit from Lextasy, it arrived with 3 days and I am amazed how fast and smooth their service was.  Thanks a million to Team Lextasy.  My old school Lexus LS400 is 1990.  This unit would work on Lexus LS400 from 1990-1994.  Here is what I got from my order:

* Two Clear Night Lights
* Two Clear Signal Lights
* Two Night Light Bulbs - Street Legal
* Two Signal Light Bulbs - Street Legal

Here are two sets of clear corners with street legal light bulbs.

A closer look at the clear corners and light bulbs.

The night light and signal light bulbs are street legal.

Here is your dual and ugly looking yellow/orange night light and signal light.

First step is to use a Phillip Screw driver near the end of the bumper.

Once the screw is loosen, the signal lense comes right off with a little pull.

After the signal lense is out, now you can attach the night light by doing the same thing.

By using your fingers and pull the lense out.

The unit comes out pretty easy and becareful dont pull too hard.

You need to disconnect the light bulb by turning counterclockwise about 1/16 of a turn.

After the light bulb is detach from the lense, you need to install the street legal light bulbs.

Here is another picture of the signal bulb. This light bulb comes off by pulling it. Its a shocket like fitting.

Ok, time to install the new and cool clearn corners.

Insert the night light first into the given groove.

Once its align, you can use some muscle and push it in.

Now push the other end into the bumper. If the night light lense doesnt look or fit right, you have the right and left light switched.

If everything is fitting good, then its time to install the screw back.

The white hole is for the signal lense to attach.

Align the hole and the signal lense and apply some pressure into the bumper.

Now you can tighten the last screw to stablized the signal lense.

All done, now you are cool and hip.

Now you are cool and hip.  Incoming traffic will notice your car is different and it will stand out.  If you still want more coolness, then you can replace the street legal light bulbs to blue color bulb.  They are very cool, but cops my give you hassles.  If you are interested doing the same, please visit for your Lexus Accessories and other needs.

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