Lexus LS400 Supercharger Bracket (US Spec)

This product is for those DIY guys.  This supercharger bracket is designed to take Vortech V1, V2 head unit.  This quality piece of art work had been carefully designed with consultants from many engineering fields.  This piece of work is enhanced with modern technologies using computer aided drafting (Auto Cad) along with CNC machining.  This bracket will be mounted in the driver side battery location.

I have test fit this bracket for the V8 Tundra and it will fit with out any problem.  If you have a Tundra, Sequoia or Landcruiser, this bracket will work on you ride.  I do not have the complete kit.  However, this is for those DIY Tundra, Sequoia and Landcruiser owners.  This supercharger bracket will be a great addition to your Toyota V8 Trucks and SUVs.  I also had tried this bracket on a 2002 GS430 and the bolt pattern is the same.

For GS430, removing of the fuse is required and plenty of room for intercooler in a GS.

I have taken many steps to create this most important part of a supercharging system.  Initially, I used card board to fitted into a spared 1UZFE & 2UZFE and Possible 3UZFE.  After few card board trials, I used plywood to cut my pattern and fitted into the engine.  After few attempts, and the fit is perfect, the bracket then drawn in Auto Cad by a bright engineer and Lexus enthusiast in Netherlands.  After carefully drawn, the design was transfer into real life via modern CNC machining.

Here are what you can purchase:

*CNC Machined Aluminum bracket $500

*Dayco Idler Pulley and Custom Aluminum adapter with nut and bolt $80

*Spacers, Nuts and Bolts $50

*Custom Studs and Nuts (4) $40

This bracket might fit SC400 with the following modifications:
1. Battery Relocation to the trunk
2. Relocation fuse box
3. Convert stock fan to electric fan.

Tundra: The battery will be relocated in the passenger side of the engine bay.

This bracket is available now for $500, please email me for purchase details.