Free T-Shirt and Stickers for Articles

We are trying to create the largest Lexus-Toyota V8 library.  Therefore we need your help.  If you have any interesting modifications, tutorial articles or even just oem replacement.  We would love to have it in exchange for a small gift.  We are give away free T-shirt and stickers for technical articles are the 1UZFE, 2UZFE & 3UZFE.  If you have an interested article or DIY instruction, please email me.  Here is the format:

1. Text: Roman 12 points

2. Using Microsoft Word or similar

3. Pictures (preferred 640 x 480) and detail procedures/Instruction

4. Tools required & Complexity rating between 0-10

5. Comments and opinion.

6. Source of parts and discounts

If your article is accepted, we will send you the items above and you will great full credit for your hard work.  Thanks for your contribution.

*NOTE: Pictures should be send separately in a folder.  Here is a great example from Ryan Smith (Smitherz) How to Replace Valve Seals Without Head Off and here is the final product!