LS400 Single Turbo Dyno

Here is the dyno result from DynoPack 3000.  The result is pretty interesting and lots of tunings required.  I ran extremely rich.  An average AFR was 10.4 from boost to redline.  I have the complete data sheet.  Therefore, I can slowly tune my car cell by cell.  Here are the corrected hp with 12.42 psi.  With more fine tuning, this car can be in the mid 400 rwhp with the given pressure.

I was little disappointed with the results.  My Tial 40mm spring was 14.7 psi, but at dyno, it only 12.42 psi.  Now I need to get an electronic boost controller.  Secondly, I was hoping the hp would be higher, but only high 300s.  Fine tuning is a must.  I have 6 pages of AFR with psi and other data so I can preciously correct every cell.

As you can see, because my car was running so rich.  It bogged using the lower rpm and the dyno tech was slowly increase rpm.  That is why u see the boost comes on very late.  With proper tuning, the boost will come on very fast.  Secondly with an EBC, full boost will be much quicker to reach.  From some of my friends with FI 1UZ stating with leaning out I would gain about 40-50 rwhp.  I cant wait until that day.

Dyno Condition:
Date: 04-26-2005
Gear: 4th
Wheel Diameter: 614.7mm
Drive Ratio: 3.47
Tran C Factor: 1.2
Car Wts: 4200 lbs

Dyno Results:
Max Torque: 509.4
Max HP: 389.4
Max psi: 12.42 psi
Comments: Good Run, Extreme Rich

Note: Yellow was the second run and Green was the three run.  We aborted the first run.