For some of you trying to lower your compression ratio in this V8 engine.  The stock compression ratio is 10.4:1 and the stock gasket thickness for the 1UZFE is .051".  There are many ways to lower compression, one of the easiest & cheapest way is to change to thicker head gaskets.  I have talked to many gasket makers and one thing they can concluded is that about 1 static compression lower with every .025" thicker.  With .093" of head gasket, we are looking at around 8.72:1.  Lower compression or decompression is highly desire in forced induction applications.  This is a special order gasket from SCE Gaskets.  This gasket is specifically make for the 1UZFE engine.  Currently, copper is the only head gasket available that is thicker than OEM head gasket.  The best way to lower static compression ratio for high boost is obviously to get some JE Pistons.  We are selling it for $155 per set.