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Single Turbo Lexus LS400 Dyno Results
Update Single Turbo LS400 Dyno

Date:            01-31-2003

Location:      SP Engineering,

Condition:     Denature Alcohol Injection @ 7 psi, Non Intercooled

Boost:          8 psi,

Result:          324.5 rwhp

                    324.7 rwtq

Net Gain:    152 rwhp

HP per PSI: 19 rwhp

Stock:          172 rwhp

1/8 Mile Performance:

First Run:                                               Second Run:                                      Third Run:
R/T: .747 sec.                                        R/T: .754 sec.                                    R/T: .630 sec.
60': 2.438 sec.                                       60': 2.384 sec.                                   60': 2.366 sec.
330: 6.393 sec                                       330: 6.338 sec                                  330: 6.218 sec
1/8: 9.517                                              1/8: 9.450                                         1/8: 9.267
MPH: 79.14                                          MPH: 77.4                                        MPH: 81.38

Comments on Run #:

1. Little rusty since last time I went to the drag strip. Did a long burn out and crossed the staged line. Smoke were everywhere. My stock tires were nicely clean and warmed. Spectators were like "what the H*ll a lexus doing on the strip" After the burn out, they know what is coming next. The Reaction Time (R/T) is pretty. .500 sec would be optimum. Over all the RT is not bad. 60 foot time is terrible. 2.438 seconds. That signified that traction is a problem or the launching rpm is too low. If I can get my 60' time to 2.0 sec, that will reduce half second off my ET. The terminal speed is very good. Remember, this is 1/8 mile very short.

2. Tunning my methanol injection to come earlier. The first run, I did not see the activation of the methanol system until the end of the race. It was set at 8 to 8.5 psi. lowered to 7.5 to 8.0 psi. ET was better, but my terminal speed was lower than the first run. This is due to that I start to brake before i cross the finished line. The spectators is getting the messege that this lexus is fast and its a sleeper.

3. I continue to lower my methanol activation to 6.5 psi. My RT got better along with my 60' time, however, its still unacceptable for 2.366 sec. The final ET for run #3 is 9.267 with 81.38 mph. Run #3 i power brake and idle at 2500 rpm. If I launch at 3100 rpm with slick, this will be a jaw dropping result.

The car felt very strong from launch to finished. 1/8 mile track is just too short for mid to high rpm car. Over all, I think people give a new level of respect with modified Lexus LS400. I hope you guys should take your car out to the track and have fun.

Next time on the track, I would like to mount on some slicks in a quarter mile track.

New Stage II dyno sheet and 1/4 mile run will be available soon.  Stay tune for eyes popping-jaw draw dropping results