wiring 1uzfe into hilux

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i have my 1uzfe motor in my hilux with r150f manual box, i sent loom away to be sorted out as it was a mass of wires, i got it back on engine and wired it all in, got it to crank but there is no power going to ecu and no spark at all,
is there any one in uk who can sort this loom out as i dont know what matey has done to it and i cant get hold of him, seems like he's dissapeared, goes by the name of bushwhacker.
any help much appreciated.


Perth WA
He will have removed redundant wiring, tidied it up and like most "Mail order looms" it should've come with instructions. I like some others do these conversions and wire them up but won't do the looms by "mail order" for obvious reasons. This way there aint no problems. You will be looking at something small and stupid that takes ages to find such as a relay around the wrong way or an ignition feed not hooked up, retrace your steps and have another look